Catch the Christmas spirit with Lindt – 2014

This year the intensive Christmas presence of the smooth-melting chocolate brand LINDOR was held with the headline “Catch the Christmas spirit with LINDOR

LindtFacebook fans had the opportunity to win a box  with their favorite LINDOR pralines in a Facebook game, which put an accent on the Christmas decoration with the beautifully wrapped chocolate spheres.

The same theme was integrated in a series of PR publications in women and lifestyle web pages during the second part of November.

Later, approaching Christmas  the topic unfolded in tips and tricks for pleasurable Christmas preparation and the pleasure of sharing the sweet temptation with beloved ones during the holidays.

A series of three print ads and web site re-branding with LINDOR visuals highlighted the shiny image of the brand using the same message and visual ideas for home Christmas decoration.

The idea was developed for internet banner as well, whith a link to the Facebook LINDOR game carried out at the same time and later to a section with specially prepared content on the topic: “Catch the Christmas spirit with LINDOR”.

Between 15th and 22nd of December just before Christmas Eve, the listeners of six radio stations with national coverage had the opportunity to share  LINDOR Christmas wishes sending greeting cards to friends and relatives.

We thank LINDOR for the unforgettable chocolate moments and for the holiday spirit shared with us this Christmas!

LINDOR Christmas 2014 – radio game

Greet a friend with LINDOR for Christmas!

Radio game carried out together with six radio stations with national coverage invites the listeners to visit and to send Christmas greetings card to beloved ones, in order to participate in a raffle for a whole box with smooth melting chocolate temptations LINDOR.


4010 total sent greeting cards

3535 unique visits on the promo page

15-22 December, 2014

LINDOR Christmas 2014 – Web sites branding

Christmas attire for some of the most visited ladies and lifestyle oriented web pages within “Catch the Christmas spirit with LINDOR” campaignaiming to highlight the ideas for Christmas decoration with the round chocolate temptations and sharing them with beloved ones during the holidays.

Catch the Christmas spirit and share it at Christmas Eve!

PR publication series whit massive presence in women and lifestyle web media in November and December before Christmas.

The first wave starts in the middle of November and continues till the first week of December. The key subject is Christmas decoration with LINDOR or how the beautiful LINDOR ball packaging easily gets integrated in various ideas for Christmas decoration and even more – with a pleasant and tasty result!

The second wave rises just before Christmas and makes the reader familiar with the history of the round LINDOR pralines, which actually appear for the first time in the world in spherical exactly for Christmas. The Chocolate brand calls out the act of smooth-melting LINDOR ball sharing with our closest people at Christmas, just as The Lindt Master Chocolatiers have shared their chocolate creation with the world inspired by the warm feelings that Christmas Eve atmosphere evokes.

November – December, 2014

November – December, 2014