Teddy, Teddy, Don’t fall into a winter sleep!

Lindt Teddy 2014 - trade promotion

Tеddy Lindt was kindly called not to fall into a winter sleep before Christmas! Because this sweet chocolate bear is a Christmas sweetheart and a warm and friendly feeling ambassador for the special holiday!

Teddy Lindt could be won in the Facebook game “Open five boxes!” carried out on “Chocolate Lindt, Bulgaria” official Lindt Facebook page, and also in a trade promotion “Buy Teddy and win him a friend!”, which was communicated with a radio spot on the national air of several radio stations.

Besides in the shopping chains Teddy Lindt showed up in internet with an active internet banner campaign.

It becomes more than clear that Teddy falling into sweet winter sleep was recommendable only after the holidays!

Lindt Teddy 2014 – trade promotion

Radio spot communicating trade promotion – purchase one Lindt Teddy and win him a second one for a friend.